SREP Pilot Programs


To date, eight SREP pilot country investment plans have been endorsed for Ethiopia, Honduras, Liberia, Kenya, Maldives, Mali, Nepal, and Tanzania.  A pipeline of 28 projects has emerged from these plans for an allocation of $340 million in SREP funding that is expected to contribute to almost 1 gigawatts in new renewable energy generation capacity. Funding for six of the projects has been approved by the SREP Sub-Committee for a total of $79.8 million, which is expected to leverage another $517.7 million in co-financing and contribute toward creating 454.5 megawatts in new renewable energy generation capacity.

Four additional SREP pilots – Armenia, Mongolia, the Pacific regional program (involving Solomon Islands and Vanuatu), and Yemen – are in the process of preparing investment plans with SREP funding and MDB support.

To encourage private sector engagement in SREP pilot countries, $90 million in SREP funding was set aside to be awarded on a competitive basis. A call for private sector project proposals resulted in 12 submissions, and four were endorsed by the SREP Sub-Committee to be further developed by the multilateral development banks and the stakeholders in the countries. A second round of call for proposals will be launched to invite submission of more project concepts from the pilot countries.

At its meeting in October 2013, the SREP Sub-Committee also agreed to initiate a process to consider opening the SREP to new countries.  The Sub-Committee agreed, among other items, that up to 12 new countries could be identified as potential new pilots to contribute to the overall programmatic objectives of SREP.  The CIF Administrative Unit, in collaboration with the MDBs, is in the process of soliciting expression of interest from eligible countries to participate in SREP.


‘A range of renewable energy technologies will be supported by SREP, including geothermal, wind, small hydro, solar photovoltaic systems, waste to energy, and mixed.’


Pilot Countries

Based on the recommendations proposed by the SREP Expert Group, the Sub-Committee approved the following six pilots at its meeting on June 22, 2010  to be financed by the SREP (listed in alphabetical order):


Pilot Countries
Ethiopia Honduras
Kenya Maldives
Mali Nepal
Additional Pilot Countries from the Reserve List
Liberia Tanzania


Reserve Countries
Armenia Mongolia
Pacific Region: Solomon Islands | Vanuatu Yemen


The Sub-Committee has endorsed its first investment plan under the SREP Program, Kenya.