FIP Private Sector Set-Aside

Access to Competitive Funding

for Innovative Programs and Projects that Engage the Private Sector in the FIP

In November 2012, under the Forest Investment Program (FIP), over USD 50 million in concessional funds was set aside to contribute to the financing of innovative programs and projects that engage the private sector in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and promote sustainable forest management in the eight FIP pilot countries (Brazil, Burkina Faso, DR of Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mexico, and Peru). Eleven proposals for utilizing these funds were submitted. In September 2013, an expert group met to rank the received proposals based on agreed selection criteria (Information on the procedures can be found here).  

Results from the first round (October 30, 2013)

At its meeting on October 30, 2013, the FIP Sub-Committee reviewed the expert group report and endorsed five concepts (USD 35.3 million), to be further developed for FIP funding approval:

  1. Brazil: Macauba palm oil in silvicultural systems, (IDB)
  2. Brazil: Commercial reforestation of modified lands in the Cerrado, (IFC)
  3. Burkina Faso: Climate change mitigation and poverty reduction through the development of the cashew sector, (AfDB)
  4. Ghana: Public-private partnership for restoration of degraded forest reserve through VCS and FSC certified plantations, (AfDB)
  5. Mexico: Guaranteed fund for financing low carbon forestry investments, (IDB)

An additional three projects concepts (USD 16.02 million) are to be revised taking into account comments of the expert group and Sub-Committee members and submitted for further review and endorsement by mail:

  1. Burkina Faso: Powering climate-smart rural development in Burkina Faso, (AfDB)
  2. DRC: Community acacia and palm oil plantations on degraded lands to reduce deforestation in the Bandundu Province in DRC, (AfDB)
  3. DRC: Novacel Sud Kwamouth , (IBRD)

Next Steps:

Should new FIP resources become available, the FIP Sub-Committee might consider  a second round for the FIP set aside.

The CIF Administrative Unit, in collaboration with the MDBs and FIP pilot countries, will analyze and share lessons learned on the FIP private sector set-aside with the Sub-Committee and interested stakeholders during the Sub-Committee’s next meeting.


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