SCF Governance

The governance and organizational structure of the Strategic Climate Fund includes a  SCF Trust Fund Committee,  SCF Sub-Committee for each of the targeted programs, a Partnership Forum, a MDB Committee, an Administrative Unit and a Trustee.
While the Administrative Unit, MDB Committee and Trustee work jointly with both the SCF and CTF, the SCF has its own Trust Fund Committee, Sub-Committees and targeted programs.
Composition of SCF Trust Fund Committee
List of Members
The SCF Committee was established to oversee and decide on the operations and activities of the SCF, and is comprised of:

  1. Eight representatives from contributor countries, identified through a consultation among such contributors. Current contributing country members: Australia/Canada, Denmark/Switzerland, Germany/Spain, Japan/Korea, Netherlands/Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and United States .
  2. Eight representatives from eligible recipient countries, identified through a consultation among interested eligible recipient countries. An eligible recipient country is any country which meets the eligibility criteria approved by any SCF Trust Fund Committee for funding under any of the SCF Programs. Current recipient country members: Burkina Faso. Democratic Republic of Congo, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, St. Lucia, Tajikistan, and Zambia
  3. A senior representative of the World Bank, recognizing the role of the World Bank as the overall coordinator of the CIF partnership.
  4. A representative of the MDBs, identified by the MDB Committee for each meeting of the SCF Trust Fund Committee on the basis of rotation among the MDBs.

SCF members referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 are the decision-making members.


SCF representatives serve for two-year terms and may be reappointed.



Responsibilities of SCF Trust Fund Committee


  • approving establishment of SCF Programs and the scope, objectives and eligibility criteria governing the use of the funds under the SCF Programs based on a consultative process and an analysis to determine the utility of new SCF Programs; 
  • ensuring that the strategic orientation of the SCF is guided by the principles of the UNFCCC;
  • establishing a SCF Sub-Committee for each SCF Program and designating who may participate in the SCF Sub-Committee;
  • approving allocation of SCF resources for administrative budgets;
  • providing guidance on the convening of the CIF Partnership Forum;
  • ensuring monitoring and periodic independent evaluation of performance and financial accountability of MDBs;
  • approving annual reports of the SCF;
  • ensuring that lessons learned are transmitted to the UNFCCC and other relevant bodies;
  • reviewing reports from the Trustee on the financial status of the SCF; and
  • exercising such other functions as they may deem appropriate to fulfill the purposes of the SCF.

 SCF Sub-Committees
For each of the SCF targeted programs (FIPPPCR, and SREP*), the SCF Trust Fund Committee has established a Sub-Committee which consists of:

  1. Up to six representatives from contributor countries to the SCF Program, identified through a consultation among such countries. At least one of which should be a Member of the SCF Trust Fund Committee;
  2. A matching number of representatives from eligible recipient countries to the SCF Program. At least one of which should be a Member of the SCF Trust Fund Committee. An eligible recipient country means any country which meets the eligibility criteria for funding under the concerned SCF Program; and
  3. Such other representatives designated by the SCF Trust Fund Committee for this purpose

*The SREP Sub-Committee is in the process of being established.