PPCR Sub-Committee

The PPCR Sub-Committee was established to oversee the operations and activities of the PPCR.


Composition of PPCR Sub-committee

List of Members

  1. Six representatives from contributor countries to the PPCR, identified through a consultation process among contributor countries. Current contributor country members: Australia/Canada, Denmark/Norway, Germany/Spain, Japan,  United Kingdom, United States
  2. Six representatives from eligible recipient countries to the PPCR, identified through a consultation among such countries.  Current recipient country members: Dominica, Haiti, Nepal, Niger, Samoa, and Tajikistan
  3. The developing country Chair or vice-Chair of the Board of the Adaptation Fund.
  4. A representative of a recipient country when a program from such a country is under funding consideration by the Sub-Committee.

PPCR members referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 are the decision-making members.


PPCR representatives serve for one-year terms and may be reappointed. No more than one member will represent the same country at any given time.

Responsibilities of PPCR Sub-Committee
  • Approving programming priorities, operational criteria and financing modalities for the PPCR;
  • Selecting countries to be funded under the PPCR and approving PPCR financing for programs;
  • Approving periodic reports on lessons learned through PPCR pilot programs to inform the SCF Trust Fund Committee, the Board of the Adaptation Fund (AFB), and the United Nations F