PPCR Decisions by Mail

Revised Procedures, Criteria, and Template for PPCR Set Aside
Proposed Decision
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Comments from the Trust Fund Committee:
United Kingdom
(December 19, 2013)
United States
(December 26, 2013)
Response to the Sub-Committee Members 
(January 13, 2014) 
Approved on January 17, 2014 (Notification | Decision | Finalized Document)


Procedures for Allocating PPCR Resources on a Competitive Basis from a Set Aside
Proposed Decision
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Approved on February 25, 2013 (Notification | Decision | Finalized Document)


Revised PPCR Results Framework 

Proposed Decision | Proposed PPCR Results Framework
Approved on December 19, 2012 by the SCF TFC Members (Notification | Decision)
Comments from Trust Fund Committee Members:
United Kingdom
(December 19, 2012)
United States
(December 20, 2012)


Amendment to the Climate Investment Funds SCF and PPCR Governance Framework Document
Proposed Decision | Proposed SCF Amendment | Proposed PPCR Amendment
Approval on December 12, 2011
Bangladesh (November 27, 2011)
Response of CIF AU:
Bangladesh (November 28, 2011)


Proposed PPCR Roster of Independent Experts
Proposed Decision | Roster for Approval

Comments from Sub-Committee Members:

For futher action (Decision)


Approval of proposal for regional programs in Pacific and Caribbean

 Remarks and questions by Sub-Committee Members

Replies to questions

Final Decision by mail



Comments Received on Guidelines for Joint Missions to Design PPCR Pilot Programs (Phase 1) (April 21, 2009)