Key Documents

Title Key Document Date
Procedures for an Expanded PPCR Set-Aside to Incentivize Innovative Private Sector Investments in Climate Resilience and Adaptation 01/13/2015
Procedures for Allocating PPCR Resources on a Competitive Basis from a Set Aside 02/25/2013
Revised PPCR Results Framework 01/14/2013
PPCR The Use of Concessional Finance in the PPCR 06/13/2011
PPCR MDB Policies and Tools Regarding Debt Sustainability and their application in the PPCR 10/17/2011
MDB Project Implementation Services under SCF’s Targeted Programs 06/01/2011
Procedures for the Preparation of Independent Technical Reviews of PPCR and SREP Investment Plans 10/15/2011
PPCR The Supplementary Report of the PPCR Expert Group on South Pacific Region Country Selection 05/11/2009
PPCR Financing Modalities 06/15/2010
Note on the Selection of Members to the CTF and SCF Trust Fund Committees and PPCR Sub-committee 03/09/2010
PPCR The Supplementary Report of the PPCR Expert Group on Caribbean and MENA Region Country Selection 05/08/2009
PPCR The Selection of Countries to Participate in the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience: Report of the Expert Group 01/27/2009
PPCR Programming and Financing Modalities for the SCF Targeted Program, The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience 07/16/2009
PPCR Joint Mission Guidelines 06/18/2009
PPCR Guidance Note On PPCR Regional Programs 04/06/2009
PPCR Design Document 11/01/2008
PPCR Expert Group Selection Criteria 11/06/2008
PPCR Terms of Reference and Guidance for the Expert Group 11/06/2008