FIP Expert Group

An Expert Group will be established by the FIP Sub-Committee to make recommendations on the selection of country or regional pilots that will receive financing under FIP.  

Country or regional pilots’ selection recommendations should consider:
  • potential to significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from REDD, or to lead to further conservation, sustainable forest management or enhanced forest carbon stocks;
  • potential to contribute to transformational change of policies and the reduction of REDD;
  • demonstrates linkages between the forest-related investments, policies and measures; and, the long-term reduction of emissions, sustainable management of forests, and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks;
  • preparedness and ability to move towards REDD initiatives and addressing its direct and underlying drivers;
  • distribution across regions and biomes;
  • ensuring that pilot programs generate lessons learned and show potential for scaling-up.
The Expert Group should include members from both developed and developing countries, indigenous people and local communities, and be gender balanced. Members are chosen on the basis of their expertise, strategic and operational experience, and with a wide-range of knowledge in scientific, economic, environmental, and the social aspects of conservation and sustainable use of forest ecosystems and climate change.