CTF Dedicated Private Sector Programs

To date USD 508 million has been approved for DPSPs, and clean energy solutions are opening in countries like India (pictured).



Under the Clean Technology Fund, the Dedicated Private Sector Programs (DPSP), were established in 2013. The DPSP were designed to finance programs or operations that can deliver scale (in terms of development results and impact, private sector leverage and investment from CTF financing) and speed (faster deployment of CTF resources, more efficient processing procedures), while at the same time maintaining a strong link to country priorities and CTF program objectives. The Dedicated Private Sector Programs have utilized a programmatic approach where MDBs collaboratively identified private sector funding opportunities. Phase I of DPSP was approved in October 2013 for USD 150 million and phase II was approved in June 2014 for USD 358 million in funding.



To date, USD 508.5 million has been approved for DPSPs under six thematic areas: geothermal power, mini-grids, mezzanine finance, energy efficiency, solar photovoltaic power, and early stage renewable energy. Within each area, MDBs are developing sub-programs/projects. Currently, the CTF pipeline has 23 sub-programs/projects under the six DPSP thematic areas.


(Click here for a detailed table of the DPSP project pipeline)


Key Documents

CTF/TFC.13/5, Dedicated Private Sector  Programs Proposal for Phase II (DocumentDecision)

CTF/TFC.12/4, Dedicated Private Sector Programs (Document | Decision)


TFC Funding Approvals

The following subprograms under the various thematic areas have received TFC funding approval



Geothermal Financing and Risk Transfer Facility, IDB, Mexico

Geothermal Risk Mitigation Program, IDB, Chile; and

Geothermal Development Lending Facility, EBRD Turkey


Solar photovoltaic power:

Utility-Scale Solar PV Sub-Program, IFC, Honduras 



Renewable Energy Mini-grids and Distributed Power Generation, ADB, Regional (India, Indonesia and the Philippines).


Early stage renewable energy:

Energy Efficiency and Self-Supply Renewable Energy Program, IDB, Regional


Energy Efficiency:

SEMED Private Renewable Energy Framework, EBRD, Regional



Sharing Knowledge

Upon approval of the DPSP in October 2013, the Trust Fund Committee also requested that a robust knowledge management platform is put in place to ensure that lessons from the Dedicated Private Sector Programs are captured and widely disseminated.  Currently, the CIF Administrative Unit has partnered with the Climate Policy Initiative to undertake a series of geothermal workshops and knowledge products to fulfill the knowledge management request under the geothermal theme.  


*Information as of March 2015