SREP Sub-Committee

The SREP Sub-Committee has been established to oversee and decide on the operations and activities of the SREP.


Composition of the SREP Sub-Committee

List of Members

  1. Up to six representatives from contributor countries to the SREP.  Current contributor country membersDenmark/Switzerland, Japan/Republic of Korea,  Netherlands/Sweden, Norway/Spain, United Kingdom, United States with Australia.
  2. Six representatives from eligible recipient countries to the SREP were selected on a regional basis and identified through a consultation process among recipient countries.  Current recipient country members: Ethiopia, Kenya, Maldives, Mongolia, Senegal and Solomon Islands
Functions of SREP Sub-Committee
The SREP Sub-Committee is responsible for:
  • appointing the Expert Group and approving criteria and guidance to be followed;
  • selecting country and regional programs;
  • approving financing terms and modalities;
  • endorsing further development of activities in country plans;
  • approving SREP financing for programs and projects;
  • approving a results measurement framework for SREP and periodic effectiveness and impact reviews of SREP programs and activities;
  • ensuring lessons learned are applied to future investments and shared through the SCF Trust Fund Committee to the UNFCCC, the Partnership Forum and interested stakeholders;
  • preparing periodic reports to the SCR Trust Fund Committee on the operations of SREP;
  • ensuring SREP activities complement the activities of other development partners active in the field of climate change (including the Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP));
  • exercising other functions deemed necessary to fulfill the functions of the SREP.