Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

About 8,000 small farmers in Mozambique are expected to benefit from climate-proofed irrigation, drainage, roads, new seeds and other measures supported by PPCR $15.8 million. Photo: Jeffrey Barbee/TRF


The $1.2 billion Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), a funding window of the $8.1 billion Climate Investment Funds, assists developing countries in integrating climate resilience into development planning. Building on National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPAs) and other existing efforts, the PPCR also offers additional funding to pilot innovative public and private sector solutions to pressing climate-related risks.

  • PPCR $1.1 billion is allocated for 75 projects and programs, expecting co-financing of $1.7 billion from other sources.
  • PPCR $777 million (70% of PPCR allocations) is approved and under implementation for 44 projects with expected co-financing of $1.1 billion.
  • The PPCR programmatic approach to climate-resilient development planning is country-led, comprehensive, and being adopted by other countries outside of the PPCR, including Belize and 25 countries under the International Development Association (IDA).

Currently the largest adaptation fund in the world, the PPCR focuses on a smaller number of countries and transactions to maximize impact and possibility for replication. It is active in 9 pilot countries and 2 regional programs, which includes 9 small island nations. 


Country and Regional Programs
Bangladesh Bolivia
Bhutan Cambodia
Ethiopia Gambia
Honduras Kyrgyz Republic
Madagascar Malawi
Mozambique, Republic of  Nepal
Niger Philippines
Rwanda Tajikistan
Uganda Yemen
Caribbean Region
Dominica Grenada
Haiti Jamaica
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Papua New Guinea Samoa


Affordable, Flexible Financing

Giving priority to highly vulnerable least developed countries, including small island developing states*, the PPCR provides grants and highly concessional financing (near-zero interest credits with a grant element of 75%) for investments supporting a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Improving agricultural practices and food security
  • Building climate-resilient water supply and sanitation infrastructure
  • Monitoring and analyzing weather data
  • Conducting feasibility studies for climate-resilient housing in coastal areas

*PPCR pilot countries Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Saint Lucia, Tonga are also members of World Meteorological Organization Small Island Developing States (WMO SIDS). 

PPCR and the Private Sector

To extend the PPCR’s reach beyond national and regional investment plans and stimulate more private sector participation, $75.4 million in concessional financing has been set aside for innovative private sector projects advancing the goals of the PPCR within PPCR pilot countries. The set aside has more than doubled the PPCR private sector pipeline from 10 to 22 projects.

  • 1st call for proposals in 2013: Six projects endorsed totaling $40.85 million in Tajikistan (energy, climate resilience), Mozambique (forestry), Jamaica (water), Saint Lucia (agriculture), and Haiti (sorghum supply chain)
  •  2nd call for proposals in 2014: Six projects totaling $34.5 million in Bolivia (agriculture, rice value chain, microfinance) and Cambodia (irrigation, microfinance)

Measuring Results 

For PPCR country and program evaluation, performance data and progress reports, view the PPCR Monitoring and Reporting section.   

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