Recognizing that it is important to ensure good linkages between the Climate Investment Funds and key partners in order to promote sound and transparent decision making, efficient use of resources and complementarity with other sources of financing, the CIF Trust Fund Committees and Sub-Committees have invited different stakeholders to  identify representatives to participate as active observers in its meetings.
Observers for each Trust Fund Committee and Sub-Committee have been chosen through a self-selection process managed by the sonstituency concerned
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Orientation of Second Round Observers of Civil Society Organization and Private Sector

The civil society organizations and the private sector communities nominated their representatives, which would serve as observers to the CIF  Trust  Fund Committees and sub committees from 2012 -2014  through the self selection process.  Orientation programs for the new group of  observers  to assist them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as CIF observers were organized in three phases.

An initial introductory session was conducted via telephone conference on February 15, 2012 . This was an introductory session about the CIF governance, decision-making process, programs and observers roles and responsibilities.

The second part of the orientation was a virtual handover workshop, which was held on April 11, 2012  by telephone. In this session,  the first round observers, who served as "active" observers from 2009 until 2011 shared their experiences with the new group of observers. The topics covered in this session include  how to  a.) prepare  for CIF meetings; b.) strategically plan inputs into meetings;  c.) represent the interests of the larger constituency; d.) report back to the constituency on the outcomes of the CIF meetings.

A more detailed orientation was held in Washington DC on April 27 (for PPCR observers), April 30 (for CTF and SREP observers), and May 3 (for FIP observers). This part of the orientation covered topics include CIF governance and organizational structure,  purpose, function and composition of Trust Fund Committees and Sub-Committees, decision making procedures,  the involvement of the private sector, observers and their roles, CIF events and logistics to facilitate participation, information disclosure and global support program,  and monitoring and evaluation.

Powerpoint Presentations:
CIF Governance
Knowledge Management
Private Sector
Monitoring and Evaluation for FIP
Monitoring and Evaluation for SREP