MDB Committee

The Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) Committee facilitates collaboration, coordination and the exchange of information, knowledge, and experience among MDB partners.

It is responsible for:
  • identifying specific areas of MDB cooperation to harmonize their climate change programs and actions, linking their initiatives with CIF programs and projects;
  • prior to each meeting of the Trust Fund Committees, reviewing a provisional agenda and documentation prepared by the Administrative Unit;
  • reviewing recommendations proposed by the Administrative Unit on program criteria and priorities and the activity cycle for approval by the Trust Fund Committees;
  • monitoring progress in implementing programs and reporting to the Trust Fund Committees on compliance with approved policies on the use of CIF resources;
  • reviewing a draft annual consolidated report on the CIF activities, performance, and lessons, including details of the CIF’s portfolio, status of implementation, funding allocations for the previous period, pipeline of projects and funding projections, administrative costs incurred, and other pertinent information;
  • serving as a forum to ensure effective operational coordination, exchange of information and experience among the MDBs;
  • liaising with other development partners, including bilateral development agencies/banks, for purposes of promoting co-financing of activities through an annual consultation between the MDBs and development partners, including bilateral development banks;
  • advising the Administrative Unit on its work program, including the implementation of a comprehensive knowledge management system, results measurement system and learning program, taking into account opportunities for synergies with the activities of the MDBs; and
  •  performing any other functions assigned to it by the Trust Fund Committees.