FIP Observers

Recognizing the importance of transparent decision making, effective dialogue and linkages with its partners, the FIP Sub-Committee invites a number of active observers to attend its meetings. 
Who the FIP Observers are:
Active Observers:

Civil society organizations, indigenous peoples, and private sector representatives will be identified through an open and inclusive self-selection process.


List of Members


Role of Observers:
1. Request the floor during discussions of the FIP Sub-Committee to make verbal interventions. Selected observers from each of the constituency groups are requested to work together to coordinate their interventions so as to maximize efficiency of the Trust Fund Committee proceedings. 
2. Request the Co-Chairs to add agenda items to the provisional agenda.
3. Recommend external experts to the Trust Fund Committee or the Co-Chairs to speak on a specific agenda item.
Responsibilities of Observers:
1. Consultation with other stakeholders of their constituency.
2. Representation in meetings of the interest of their constituency, not just their own organization.
3. Compliance with agreed consultation guidelines/standards developed by a representative group of their constituency.
Review of practices on NGO/CSO Participation and proposal for the CIF Committees 
(Prepared by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature)