CTF Governance

The governance and organizational structure of the CTF includes the CTF Trust Fund Committee, a MDB Committee, a Partnership Forum, an Administrative Unit and a Trustee.


Composition of CTF Trust Fund Committee
List of Members


The CTF Trust Fund Committee was established to oversee and decide on the operations and activities of the CTF.   

CTF Trust Fund Committee Members include:

  1. Eight representatives from contributor countries , identified through a consultation among such contributors. Current Contributing Countries: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States. 
  2. Eight representatives from eligible recipient countries, identified through a consultation among interested eligible recipient countries. Current Recipient Countries Members: Brazil, Chile,  China, Colombia/Mexico, India/Indonesia, Pakistan/Egypt, South Africa, and Turkey.
  3. When the CTF Trust Fund Committee considers an investment plan, program or project for a country, a representative of such recipient country, during deliberations of the Trust Fund Committee on the investment plan, program or project;
  4. A senior representative of the World Bank, recognizing the role of the World Bank as the overall coordinator of the CIF partnership;
  5. A representative of the MDBs, identified by the MDB Committee for each meeting of the CTF Trust Fund Committee on the basis of rotation among the MDBs.

Representatives from contributor and eligible recipient countries are decision making members, and serve for a two year term.  Terms are staggered so that not all Members are replaced each year.


Responsibilities of CTF Trust Fund Committee

  • approving programming and pipeline priorities, operational criteria and financing modalities;
  • ensuring that the strategic orientation of the CTF is guided by the principles of the UNFCCC;
  • endorsing further development of activities in investment plans for CTF financing;
  • approving allocation of CTF resources for programs and projects;
  • approving allocation of CTF resources for administrative budgets;
  • providing guidance on the convening of the Partnership Forum;
  • ensuring monitoring and periodic independent evaluation of performance and financial accountability of the MDBs;
  • approving annual reports of the CTF;
  • ensuring that annual reports and evaluations, including lessons learned, are transmitted to the UNFCCC;
  • reviewing reports from the Trustee on the financial status of the CTF; and
  • exercising such other functions as the CTF Trust Fund Committee may deem appropriate to fulfill the purposes of the CTF.