Administrative Unit

The Administrative Unit supports the work of the CIF, the Trust Fund Committees and other committees.  It is housed in the World Bank Group’s Washington, DC offices and is comprised of a small professional and administrative staff. 


The Administrative Unit is responsible for:

  • Preparing, in consultation with the MDB Committee, all documentation required for review by the Trust Fund Committees, including developing an agenda for the Trust Fund Committee meeting.
  • Making recommendations, in consultation with the MDB Committee, on program criteria and priorities and the activity cycle for approval by the Trust Fund Committees.
  • Conducting background research and analysis as requested by the Trust Fund Committees.
  • Preparing an annual consolidated report on the Trust Funds’ activities, performance, and lessons, including details of the Trust Funds’ portfolio, status of implementation, funding allocations for the previous period, pipeline of projects and funding projections, administrative costs incurred, and other pertinent information.
  • Managing a comprehensive database of the Clean Technology Fund and Strategic Climate Fund’s  activities, knowledge management system, results measurements system and learning program.
  • Servicing the meetings of the Trust Fund Committees.
  • Managing Partnerships and external relations, including convening meetings of the MDB Committee and the Partnership Forum.
  • Collaborating with the Trustee  to ensure that the it receives all the information necessary to carry out its responsibilities.
  • Performing any other functions assigned to it by the Trust Fund Committees.


Administrative Unit staff members are listed in the Directory